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Aurum Cantus Leisure 2 SV MK2

Hello Final Link Audio,

I greatly appriciated your advice concerning my Cambridge Amplifier and if it would suit the Aurum Cantus Leisure 2 SV MK2 Loudspeakers.

Having the oppotunity to hear them with my amplifier and also auditioning other brands costing much more, I had no hesitation in going ahead with the purchase of the Aurum Cantus's.

Your advice was spot on and perform wounderfully with my Amplifier. In addition to their sound quality and detail, they are so well built and beatifully finished and represent amazing value for money.

Professor A Hayes, Bowral, NSW.

Custom Shop Cayin MA-80 Signature

Hello Shane,

Thank you so much for the great advice regarding my  Cayin MA-80 Signature Custom Shop upgrade. Your Tube upgrade choice was perfect for my speakers and music taste. Your Custom Shop service is fantastic and priced much better than I thought.

J Peterman, Adelaide SA.

Custom Shop Cayin A-88T Mk2 KT-120 Upgrade

Hello Final Link,

Thank you for your great service and advice regarding my new "CUSTOM SHOP" Cayin A-88T Mk2 Signature. As an owner of the original A-88T for many years I just had to order the new MK2 Signature version with the KT-120 Tube upgrade. The power and dynamics im hearing is amazing. You would have to spend thousands of dollars more to get this sort of performance anywhere else. The in-built Bias meter is so good. Living 200km's from Darwin NT, it get's very hot here and even with AC on all the time it's still hot and this Cayin gear dont miss a beat.

Your Custom Shop service is much needed in Australia and having the option to upgrade your new equipment direct from the distributor is a no brainer.

K Banya, Darwin NT.

Cayin M-845 & M-50CD

Hello Final Link Audio Sales,

My new Cayin M-Series arrived safely yesterday. I was worried about the distance they had to travel and when I seen how much effort you guys went to pack these I knew you have pride in your products. In the flesh these are just stunning. The pictures look great but dont do them justice. The sound, well to say im impressed with only a couple hours on them would be an understatement. Looking forward to many hours of pleasure.

K hernandez, Hobart.

Xindak XA-6900 Mk2 Hybrid Amplifier


Dear Shane

Wow! You said I wouldn’t  be disappointed and mate you were right on the ball. My Xindak XA6900 MKII Hybrid Amp is amazing I am so wrapped.

Can I just say your advice and knowledge in the Audio sector is what guys like me need, someone who stands by a great product and delivers on his word.

Thanks mate

S Madigan, QLD

Xindak CA-1 Pre-Amplifier


Dear Final Link,

Just to let you know my recently purchased Xindak CA-1 Pre Amp is as Impressive as you advised me it would be.

Thank you for your technical expertise and helping me make a wonderful choice.

N Webster, ACT.

Aurum Cantus V7F


Hi Shane

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing some Aurum Cantus speakers from you. Thankyou for taking the time and effort to show me what a great product Aurum Cantus is.  I am so happy with my choice they have blown me away.

Happy Customer

S Hartman, Bendigo.

Cayin MA80 Signature

Hi Final Link,

Just wanted to touch base and let you know how my Cayin MA-80 Signature is settleing in. It has been three weeks and im listening to more music than I can remember, im even sitting at work woundering what to listen to tonight! Thank you for your advice as this is my first Tube amp and wasnt sure about power rating's ect and you were spot on.

M Weate, ACT.

Kingrex USB cable

Dear Sales,

Thank you for your prompt service and delivery of my new Kingrex U-ART USB cable. This is by far the best sounding USB cable I have listened to. Being an active member of a audio club  we have tested many many cables and these are just a standout against everything we have tried, even one that cost's 5 times more! Hope you have plenty in stock as once the club hears this they will hound you!

J Connor, QLD.

Aurum Cantus V2M Mk2

Hello Final Link Audio,

Had my Aurum Cantus V2M Mk2 for a week now and are just loving them. Was worried they could be a little small for my room but these are  big sounding speakers for their size.

Fit n finish is as good as anything  I have seen regardless of price. Have my eye on some for my theatre room now.

G Golding, NSW.

Cayin A-88T Mk2 Signature

Hi Guys,

Received my new Cayin A88t mk2 signature yesterday and WOW is all I can say. I was drooling just un-packing this sexy thing and once hooked up it was just heaven, exactly the sound I have been chasing for years. Cant wait to see how much better it gets once its run in. Thanks again I will be spreading the word on your great products and service.

M Stafford, Vic.